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John Brown – Abolitionist

Posted by on Apr 2nd, 2014 in Lane Trail Blog | 0 comments

Book-WebI just mailed in a copy of John Brown and the Last Train to a book distributor that sells only to libraries. I believe this is the only method to get a library to buy a book. I had never even approached a library with this book. I do have a distributor that sells my films, Negroes To Hire and Freedom Seekers to libraries. Every year during February, they sell a few extra copies.

Wish me luck!

James S. “Jimmy” Johnson

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Jimmy JohnsonIf you have seen Negroes To Hire or Freedom Seekers, you have learned about the lives of African-American slaves in Civil War era Missouri and Kansas. I am sad to report he died this week. Click here to read the KC Star article about my friend Jimmy Johnson.