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Underground Railroad – Myths

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gateway to freedom bookRecently, a university professor named Eric Foner found the writings of Sydney Howard Gay. Gay was an important figure in the Underground Railroad, and he kept meticulous notes on the escaped slaves he assisted: where they were from and where they were headed. Dr. Foner developed this research into a book titled, Gateway  To Freedom: The Hidden History of the Underground Railroad.

Click here to see a NPR article where Dr. Foner talks about myths about the Underground Railroad.

National Underground Railroad Conference

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I just learned the next UGRR National Conference is to he held at Hilton Head Island, South Carolina on June 17-20, 2015.

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Mayhew Cabin program

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Mayhew 5The Mayhew Cabin and Peru State College student organizations, Black Student Union and Phi Alpha Theta, are co-sponsoring the film showing of John Brown’s Raid: To Do Battle in the Land. The film will be Thursday, February 26, at 11 a.m. on the campus of Peru State College inside the CATS Conference Room. A discussion will take place following the film about John Brown and the raid at Harpers Ferry. For more information, call 402-873-3115 or email:
For information about Peru State click here. I do not see the program listed but I am sure it will happen.