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I am starting a discussion on the UGRR on the Western Frontier. Please comment or email me with topics you would like to see researched. You will receive my blog entry in your e-mail in the early morning. Please forward these on to interested persons. The more people we get subscribed, the better the discussions will be.

Civil War “Colored” troops

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Negroes To Hire Front 145 x 200African American historian Hari Jones gave a talk in Columbia Missouri in which he reports that African American troops captured Richmond, Virginia, at the end of the war. He learned this only by researching a primary source document written by Gen. U.S. Grant. I can only relate this to the little known local story of the First Kansas Colored Volunteer Regiment recruited prior to President Lincoln issuing the order allowing black men to enlist in the Union army. Jimmy Johnson’sJimmy Johnson great grandfather George Washington, and other “Colored” troops fought the first engagement between Confederates and African American troops at the Skirmish at Island Mound.

Tom Calarco UGRR author and speaker

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Tom CalarcoTom Calarco is a nationally recognized expert on the Underground Railroad back East. He is available as a speaker. Here is a link to an Amazon purchase page for all of Tom’s books. Tom  has a new book and a blogsite that you will find interesting and informative.



Geocache the Underground Railroad

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Joseph Gardner

Joseph Gardner

Melissa went on a weekend trip from Butler, Missouri and the Battle of Island Mound site north through Osawatomie and stopped at the Wakarusa Valley Heritage Museum. The museum has a new and updated display on the Underground Railroad in that area. I recommend you go to their Underground Railroad page and click on the links to learn more about those brave Kansas farmers. Men like Capt. John Stewart “the fighting preacher”  and Joseph Gardner. From south of Lawrence west toward Topeka, this valley was populated by Abolitionists who helped Freedom Seekers on the Douglas Ct map0002path to freedom.

Melissa has located several spots to place caches along the path to freedom. I need to write an article about the significance of each location. When the geocacher finds the hidden cache, they will have a web page that tells the historical significance of the people and buildings in that area.