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Underground Railroad (West)

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Underground Railroad WestI found a new facebook page that deals with the Underground Railroad out here in the west. Looks like it is out of Iowa and has a lot of interesting posts. A good place to learn about Underground Railroad programs across Iowa. Most folks don’t think about the UGRR being out on the frontier. As James Patrick Morgans stated, “Harriet Tubman was a great woman, but Morgans UGRR bookshe led slaves to freedom about 90 miles from Maryland to Philadelphia. Out here, Freedom Seekers had to go about a thousand miles to freedom.”  I used the image from the page in this post.

Abolitionist Map

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Lane trail 2 websiteA year or so back, American Experience did a series titled, The Abolitionists. They included a very cool and interesting interactive map. If you are traveling this summer and want to visit some sites, check out the map. I have attached a link. At each site, local historians contributed information about the area. For the Western route, I uploaded several clips from my film Freedom Seekers for sites in Kansas and Nebraska. I highly recommend a tour of the Western Underground Railroad from Mound City, Kansas north to Nebraska City, NE and then east though Tabor Iowa. Iowa has several well preserved sites. ugrIowa

National Underground Railroad Conference Cancelled

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gateway to freedom book2015 National Underground Railroad Conference Canceled until further notice 
Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Into the Light:  Striving for Freedom and “an equal chance in the battle of life”

June 17-20-2015

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Due to a number of reasons, the National Underground Railroad Conference scheduled to be held this year at Hilton Head Island in South Carolina has been cancelled until further notice.  An explanation of the situation from Diane Miller, National Program Manager for the NPS Network to Freedom can be found below.  Just click on the image. notice-2015-conference-postponed (1)