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Freedom Seekers DVD

$19.95 ($2.50 shipping)

Learn about how the Kansas/Missouri political conditions created the opportunity for the Underground Railroad along the western frontier. Freedom Seekers will reveal the secrets of the Western Underground Railroad. This film uses primary source documents, experts, moving readings and dramatic depictions  to tell exciting stories of Underground Railroad activities. Viewers will see the pristine ruins of Quindaro, the Kansas town where every resident was a Stationmaster or Conductor.

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John Brown and the Last Train Book

$9.95 ($1.50 shipping)


A historical novel telling, through the eyes of the Freedom Seekers, about John Brown’s last raid to liberate Missouri slaves and the subsequent winter trek through Kansas, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan to freedom in Canada. Appropriate for age 12 to adult.

Negroes to Hire DVD

$15.50 ($2.50 shipping)

See how Missouri’s slavery system differed dramatically from the South, and hear directly from the mouths of former slaves about their lives through recordings of the Missouri Slave Narratives by the Federal Writers Project.