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John Brown and

the Last Train

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A historical novel telling, through the eyes of the Freedom Seekers, about John Brown’s last raid to liberate Missouri slaves and the subsequent winter trek through Kansas, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan to freedom in Canada. Appropriate for age 12 to adult.

Revolutionary Heart:

The Life of Clarina Nichols and the Pioneering Crusade for Women’s Rights


“The study of Clarina Nichols by Diane Eickhoff gives the world an opportunity to meet this remarkable woman. Nichols’s efforts prior to statehood made sure when Kansas entered the Union on January 29th, 1861 that women had the right to buy and sell property, the right to equal custody of children in divorce cases and the right to vote in school elections — unprecedented in the country. Clarina Nichols was a single mother, abolitionist, women’s rights advocate and visionary, whose work paved the way for women to eventually become full citizens of the United States.”

—Kathleen Sebelius, former governor of Kansas

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The Underground Railroad

on the Western Frontier


James Patrick Morgans has published two books on the Underground Railroad in the west. In The Underground Railroad on the Western Frontier, Mr. Morgans tells stories of freedom seekers fleeing from their Missouri, Oklahoma and Arkansas slave masters and crossing from Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa. This is an academic book that is very entertaining. Learn about Missouri slaves who escaped and returned to free others. Did you know that slaves worked the steam boats with forged permission papers? Everybody knows about William Quantrill, but who knows that he went undercover as an Underground Railroad Conductor to catch and return Freedom Seekers.


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John Todd and the Underground Railroad


James Patrick Morgans is an Iowa author and speaker who has spent a lifetime studying the Underground Railroad on the western frontier. John Todd was a Congregationalist minister who trained at Oberlin College. He and his family moved to the western Iowa  frontier to minister to settlers. The Rev. Tabor’s  life soon took an exciting turn as his home in Tabor, Iowa served not only as a ‘station’ on the Underground Railroad, complete with a concealed room in which escaped slaves hid until their next ride arrived, but also as a storehouse of weapons, ammunition and other supplies for radical abolitionist  John Brown.

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